Team Spotlight: Rob Abbey

Tell me a bit about your role within the Digital Displacement team?

I’m a Program Manager based in Edinburgh, working within the Digital Displacement team. I joined the team in August and have enjoyed being involved with a wide variety of projects

My responsibilities are focused on managing programs of product development, in particular progressing system designs from prototype to volume production and supporting client specific performance enhancements. The program management team support activity across many disciplines; manufacturing, systems, engineering, and quality. We work within the Danfoss framework for new product development ensuring checks and balances lead to successful, quality focused solutions.

How did you discover you wanted to pursue a career as a Program Manager?

I started out as a project manager in design engineering and manufacturing within the oil and gas sector twenty years ago and have enjoyed program and project management in wide and varying fields including renewables, higher education, and semiconductors. I’ve always been interested in technology and scientific advances; I studied physics at university. I am in my element when combining the organisational and communications elements required in the work of program management within innovative science and technology developments.

Rob Abbey Danfoss

The innovativeness and sustainability of the DD technology is what attracted me to Danfoss as well as the experience and breadth of the team.

How did you find the role you are in now?

The innovativeness and sustainability of the DD technology is what attracted me to Danfoss as well as the experience and breadth of the team. Having closely followed and been interested in the developments of digital displacement within Danfoss Scotland (and formerly Artemis), I was keen to explore further when the opportunity arose.

What do you find the most interesting thing about Digital Displacement?

The most interesting thing about DDP, is that it is so versatile, and it can be applied to many industries to solve a multitude of challenges and provide a tangible result. The advance in technology is happening right now with end users able to realise immediate benefits. As well as being very topical, I find the game changing potential of the technology in terms of the fuel efficiency it can bring and the positive environmental impact inspiring.

What would you say to someone considering using Digital Displacement pumps within their technology/machinery?

I’d very much encourage them to engage with us to explore the many benefits which are wide and versatile. In many applications, benefits can be realised in a short space of time. In the case of using the DDP within an excavator, the benefits include a reduction in CO2 across operations by way of reducing the amount of diesel thus resulting in cost savings for the end user. In the longer term, we are also enhancing the feasibility of electrification technology through our partnership with Editron which will provide unpresented efficiency which is very exciting.

What stream/focus of engineering do you see yourself being involved with in the future?

I see a need for program management within digital displacement pumps and systems for years to come and would relish that role which will change in nature as we move to greater production volumes. Technology will move at pace and managing these changes will bring challenges for the business. Being part of that team and contributing to the strategic direction of DD and seeing our client base grow is an exciting prospect which I’m really looking forward to.

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