Team Spotlight: Kathy Lawrence

Tell me a bit about your role within the Digital Displacement team?

 I’m responsible for Health & Safety across the whole campus, so not only does that include the Digital Displacement team, but also Editron and Software Solutions. It’s a really varied role in which I make sure that all the business units are compliant to legal requirements as well as Danfoss internal standards. I am also implementing an 5S system across the business to ensure all individuals are working to a standard of excellence in processes and organisation.

How did you discover you wanted to pursue a career in Health & Safety?

 Starting out as a nursing student I realised that the job wasn’t my passion. I looked for other opportunities elsewhere and found a maternity cover position for a QHSE assistant where I was able to receive on the job training. I quickly found that I loved the variety of the H&S role, and I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in H&S specifically. I applied for a role in Aberdeenshire with an Oil & Gas company who put me through my NEBOSH qualification, gave me exposure into the world of safety and, 10 years later I still love it.

A lot of people ask how I managed to go from nursing to H&S as it seems like quite the jump, my answer to this is that in H&S, it’s my job to prevent people from seeing the nurse in the first place!

How did you find the role you are in now?

 I worked with an IOSH (International Occupational Safety and Health) career mentor who helped build a picture of the sort of company I wanted to work for. What I really wanted is to work for a company with a network of Health and Safety colleagues, and a company that was embarking on a period of growth and harmonisation of systems and process. We discovered that Danfoss has this fantastic QHSE structure, and is going through changes, so I applied and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity. I’ve been in the role for a couple of months and so far, it’s been a great experience.

What do you find the most interesting thing about working with the Digital Displacement team?

The most interesting thing about DD from an H&S perspective, is that it is an incredibly versatile and agile business unit, managing Health and Safety between two environments of a creative RnD, and the commercial manufacturing is a varied approach, but I enjoy the focused energy and innovation shown throughout DDP. The team are really engaged and passionate about DDP which is great for a newcomer to the business to see.

How do you see Digital Displacement progressing over the next 5 years and how will this align with your own professional goals?

With our new Low Carbon Innovation Centre facility in Shawfair currently under construction, I see a great opportunity for the Digital Displacement team to become well known across Edinburgh and Scotland as doing something fantastic in engineering. We also plan to have customers, suppliers and industry bodies visit the site in the future, so we get to show that we not only have innovative technology, but we are also innovators in health and safety too. I want people to visit us and remember the way Danfoss “do it” and for them to be inspired.

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