Team Spotlight: Ignacio Termenon

Tell me a bit about your role within the Digital Displacement team?

I am the General Manager and Head of Sales for Digital Displacement and I work predominantly from our office. I started with the Digital Displacement team in September 2021 and my immediate focus for the business unit is the industrialisation of DDP and paving the most efficient route to market for the product.

How did you discover you wanted to pursue a career in manufacturing and taking new products to the global market?

My background is in business and economics, and I studied my degree in Spain & France, before moving to Brussels and completing a Masters in European Affairs.


Whilst I don’t have a traditional engineering focused education, throughout my career, I have tended to work with engineering and manufacturing companies to build their businesses from the ground up and I’ve been fortunate to have worked with companies across different cultural settings, not only in the UK and Europe but also in China and the US, among others.

Something I am passionate about is taking brilliant and innovative ideas which can really have a positive impact in the world and helping commercialise those ideas to bring their benefits to the world and my role within Digital Displacement team fits that brief.

How did you find the role you are in now?

I was working with Eaton Hydraulics during the Danfoss Power Solutions acquisition of the business so I had heard during conversations with the directors of both businesses that there was a potential opening within the Digital Displacement team that would fit someone with my experience and background. I joined the team last year and I’ve been impressed by the talent and passion within the team and I’m really looking forward to progressing the vision for the business with them.

What do you find the most interesting thing about Digital Displacement?

From a business perspective, I find it interesting that we don’t measure our success based on how many pumps we manufacture, we measure what the technology can do and its purpose which is a much more powerful statement. Our headline KPI is to save more than 40,000T of CO2 from going into the atmosphere by 2025. Working with organisation and product that is measuring their positive impact on the world is inspiring to me.

What would you say to someone considering using Digital Displacement pumps within their technology/machinery?

It’s a question of how we can facilitate our customers’ commitment to deliver on their CO2 reduction to the market, of reducing or moving away from traditional power generation sources and, for example, making the economics work for electrification. We all know that we want to make the move to electrification across multiple industries and adopting DDP technology can make electrification work commercially and bring long term benefits to the end users. The construction industry is our market focus at the moment as we believe that it is an industry that we can make the most impact in, for the environment, our customers and the end users.

How do you see the focus of the business changing over the next 5 years and how will that impact your personal aspirations?

Over the next 5 years the DDP product will hopefully be globalised but we have some key milestones we have to hit along the way. I always tell my team that it is a marathon not a sprint, so we need to stay focused on our goals.

For me, my career aspirations right now are around my commitment to the DD team. I want to develop the culture and the people as well as make good progress in encouraging more inclusivity within the business unit. If I can support a strong team to become more diverse and reach their full potential, I will consider my goals met in this phase of my career.

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