Team Spotlight: Craig Grant

Tell me a bit about your role within the Digital Displacement team?

I’m the Sales Development Manager for the Digital Displacement team, focusing on the EMEA market. My role involves dealing directly with customers, promoting Digital Displacement® internally and externally as a product by explaining how beneficial to multiple industries the product can be and what it can do.  

How did you discover you wanted to pursue a career in technical sales/business development?

I didn’t begin my career in sales and had more of a technical background from working with various engineering and manufacturing companies. However, I think commercial roles are where I have found my niche as it has combined my passion for the product, people, and customer services with a technical background, so it works for me and the rest of the team which is great! 

How did you find the role you are in now? 

I’m originally an engineer to trade after serving an apprenticeship at a Glasgow based mining company. I’ve also worked with global companies such as Volvo Group and Bosch Rexroth, so I gained a lot of experience in both hydraulics and systems and components. From working in the industry, I had been aware of DDP and the team for a while, so when I came across the role on LinkedIn, I was excited to apply and find out where the opportunity could lead.

What do you find the most interesting thing about Digital Displacement?

There are currently no comparable products on the market today that offers all of the functions and benefits of Digital Displacement. Other technologies are available that can offer some of the same benefits, but we don’t categorise them them as direct competition of the full offering of DDP, which makes us unique.

It’s future thinking and there are developments planned for the next few years, so the technology will always improve and remain up to date, meaning that our customers’ businesses can be futureproofed as well.

What would you say to someone considering using Digital Displacement pumps within their technology/machinery?

I would tell them that the technology is answering a lot of challenges in terms of CO2 reduction, efficiencies and cost savings going forward. At the moment, it may seem high risk to dive in and adopt the technology, but I would argue that it is actually high reward as it will set you apart from the competition, so why wait?

What stream/focus of the business do you see yourself being involved with in the future?

Digital Displacement® technology has so much potential to develop and mature over the next 5 or so years, we have exciting plans for the future ahead! The product is technically still in its infancy, so I want to see out all the plans we have in a role that I love.

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