Pioneering Intelligence – meet Junaid Elias

In 2019, Junaid started to lead the Connected Solutions and Services Development for Danfoss Digital Displacement Hydraulics.   Junaid excels when working in projects that create real business impact.

He loves working in challenging environments which test his character and push him out of his comfort zone which is a major reason for his time spent on Digital Displacement Hydraulics.

His Pioneering Intelligence has established a robust market require development for the market to further enhance the value of Digital Displacement Technology.

Now that users can be Powerfully Connected, it brings a whole new set of data and information that will allow for forward-thinking and diagnosis of situations.

Showcasing, the Powerfully Connected, Digital Displacement technology and how it provides so much value.


Junaid Elias. Post Graduate Position - Telematics

Junaid Elias. Post Graduate Position - Telematics

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