PowerfullyDigital for Off Highway Machines

Our unique Digital Displacement® technology is suitable for diesel, hybrid and fully electric off-highway machines. The fully-patented Digital Displacement® hydraulics have been in development for more than a decade. It has been designed by Danfoss to be easily integrated into standard machines. This offers a straightforward route to improved efficiency and control.

By replacing a standard pump with a digitally enabled pump, our customers enjoy improved productivity and control for better fuel consumption and the potential to downsize engines or battery packs. It is a technology which delivers benefits today and will be equally beneficial tomorrow – whichever route you take.

  • Smoother faster control means more work done per day
  • Improved engine-to-work efficiency means increased maximum power – with the same size engine. Or the opportunity to downsize engines, without any loss of power or control
  • Intelligent digital controls mean individual cylinders are only called into action when required, reducing losses system-wide
  • This means longer work-cycles or smaller batteries for next-generation electric machines

We are now offering Digital Displacement hydraulics as single and dual pumps – with multiple outlets – which can be configured to meet customer needs.

Danfoss Digital Displacement – improved off-highway efficiency – whichever future you choose.

Powerfullydigital with Doctor Chris Williamson

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