Engineering Spotlight: Daniel Gala Montes

Tell me a bit about your role within the Digital Displacement team? 

I am an embedded systems designer within the Digital Displacement team. My role is that I’m involved with the research and development of the embedded software and the electronic hardware of the electronic control units on the pumps.

As well as the design phase, I’m also involved with implementing, testing, and documenting the software to ensure all the components are working together with the other hardware on the pumps.  The role involves a lot of problem-solving and sometimes some head-scratching but that’s what I really enjoy about it. 

 How did you get into engineering? 

I’ve always been very interested in science and technology from when I was a young child so I feel it was only natural that I would end up in a role like this. In high school, my favorite subjects were physics and chemistry which gave me a good working knowledge of the basic scientific principles.

I then went on to study telecommunications engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and then I went on and specialized in electronic systems engineering for my Masters at the same university before graduating in 2018 and moving to Scotland.

The issue that really attracted me to the project was the environmental benefits that can be harnessed from utilising the pump in machinery

How did you fall into the role you are in now? 

When I moved to Scotland, I was looking for a role that fitted in with my degree qualification when I was contacted by a recruiter who told me about Digital Displacement. I hadn’t ever imagined myself working in hydraulics before, but I went to the interview with an open mind. What I found was an incredibly intelligent, passionate and hardworking team that were focused on solving problems for multiple industries. The issue that really attracted me to the project was the environmental benefits that can be harnessed from utilising the pump in machinery. Finding ways to improve our environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint is something I’m really passionate about in my personal life so it’s great to join a team have this issue at the forefront of their minds. It’s feels like it’s not just a job, but I’m doing something meaningful and beneficial to society.  

 What do you find the most interesting thing about Digital Displacement? 

I wasn’t aware until I joined the Digital Displacement team that 70% of the energy in traditional excavators is lost through heat from the engine and I thought this was crazy! Why has something not been done about this before. With DD technology, this energy loss issue would be greatly improved which I think is a great thing to be involved with. 

 What would you say to someone considering using Digital Displacement pumps within their technology/machinery? 

I would tell them that the best thing to do would be to look into the future and see the new policies and regulations from governments all over the world that will come into place, this will greatly affect how businesses operate and using DD technology will allow industries to meet stricter environmental regulations throughout their operations. Also, the other bonus is that Digital Displacement technology uses fuel more efficiently, resulting in lower costs for the operator, I’m sure customers are always pleased to hear when they can achieve a cost saving! 

What stream/focus of engineering do you see yourself being involved with in the future? 

 I could not imagine myself in another area other than software, perhaps in the future I would like to take more of a system level approach and be involved in projects from beginning to completion at the product specification stage and gain some experience in managing those processes.

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