Engineering Spotlight: Beth Mackenzie

Tell me a bit about your role within the Digital Displacement team?

As an Electronic Development Engineer, I am part of the electronics hardware team, who are mainly responsible for the design and testing of electronic components within the Digital Displacement Pumps. It’s a varied role and it’s really exciting to be able to work on a project from conception to completion.  

As a recent graduate, how did you target the role you are in now? 

In June, I graduated with a Masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Heriot Watt. Through the Masters programme at the University, I became aware of Danfoss and Digital Displacement technology, as well as the ground breaking work that was happening here in Edinburgh. I completed a 6-month placement through the Masters programme and then became a permanent member of the team after I had completed my studies. Due to the pandemic, my placement was entirely virtual, which was challenging, but the team made me feel completely at ease and really welcome. 

What lead you to pursuing a career as Electronic Development Engineer?

I’ve always been interested in subjects like maths, physics, and computing when I was at school. Those subjects were the ones that I seemed to be quite good at so the logical next step for me was to pursue a course at university that utilised those skills. When browsing courses online, that’s when I released, I wanted a career in engineering, and I would go on to study in the field. 

What do you find the most interesting thing about Digital Displacement?

I think the most interesting thing is how versatile the technology is, it’s applicable to most machinery and industries, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for DDP!

What would you say to someone considering using Digital Displacement pumps within their technology/machinery?

Simply, “Go for it”! The benefits have been proven and there is a long list of positive outcomes for the end user, including cost savings to their businesses in the long term. Everyone should try it!  

What stream/focus of engineering do you see yourself being involved with in the future?

I want to develop myself more in electronics as I am a fairly recent graduate and I’ve not had the chance to fully grow and learn in this focus yet. I also love what I do, so no plans to refocus so far! 

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