Danfoss technologies enable zero-emission construction through electrification

Electrification is a game-changer that will disrupt large sectors such as transport, cooling, and heating, and with it comes great opportunities to enhance the flexibility, efficiency, and environmental performance of almost any application or system— like cars, supermarkets, off-highway machinery, or ferries.

Electrification also will lead to decentralization through distributed storage and generation, making supermarkets and data centers, for example, active elements of the system.

In this special edition of Solutions, we take a preliminary dive into the potential of electrification technologies and what is being done through policy to set the stage for electrification and decarbonization strategies.

Danfoss solutions make electrified, zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty construction machines not just possible but also more cost-effective.

Today, the total cost of ownership of electrified construction machines is typically defined by a low operating cost but a high initial cost. This is the result of low volume production and, in particular, the high cost of batteries.

Volume 20 | Winter 2020–2021

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