A technology to revolutionize the off-highway vehicle market

Many of the off-road machines we rely on today are based on technologies developed more than a century ago.

Conventional hydraulic pumps – the core technology in many off-road vehicles and industrial machines– is controlled by changing the stroke of the piston with an analogue ‘swash plate’ mechanism, first patented in 1893.

While very robust, this mechanism has a number of disadvantages that limit the success of hydraulics in our modern energy-conscious world.  it is not easily controlled and there are many system energy losses, for example through idling, leakage and friction.

Pioneering Intelligence Digital Displacement Hydraulics

The beating heart that’s turning heads:
Digital Displacement® Pump

Suitable for diesel, hybrid and fully electric off-highway machines, our unique, fully-patented Digital  Displacement® hydraulics have been in development for over a decade and can be easily integrated into all standard machines.  The net result is:

Smoother, faster control means more work done per day
Improved engine-to-work efficiency means increased maximum power, with the same size engine. Or the opportunity to downsize engines, without any loss of power or control
Intelligent digital controls mean individual cylinders are only called into action when required, reducing losses system-wide
Longer work cycles or smaller batteries for next-generation electric machines

Replacing a standard pump with a multi-outlet, digitally-enabled pump improves productivity, efficiency and control. It becomes the machine’s connected, beating heart. Customers can profit from better fuel consumption and there’s also the potential to downsize engines or battery packs.

A more intelligent approach

For many off-highway machines, improved productivity per dollar invested is key. This is particularly true for applications with heavy hydraulic duty cycles such as excavators and wheel loaders.

Digital Displacement® pumps address this issue head-on. Even a simple pump upgrade will unleash greater control and better productivity with a short payback period.

In one field test, Danfoss engineers compared a conventional diesel-powered excavator with an identical excavator equipped with a straight-swap Digital Displacement® pump.

Results showed a 15% improvement in trenching distance in an hour and 13% less fuel consumed per meter of the trench, making a digitally-enabled demonstrator 17% more productive than the current market leader.

In a second test excavator, fitted with a DD pump, 28% more productivity and 10% fuel saving was obtained at the same time through better control of the pump load on the engine.

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